A ‘Festival of Pumpkins’ …..in my garden



I Love to decorate my garden for the seasons. Fall is no exception, especially when it comes to PUMPKINS!

Nothing enhances my garden more this time of year than their vibrant array of colors, shapes and warmth. Pumpkins combined with gourds, mums, grasses, Chinese lantern plants and other ‘fall’ accents bring a cozy and inviting feel to my garden. With little effort, (except for the effort of collecting all the pumpkins) you too can decorate your garden with colorful pumpkins.

I must warn you though, it is fun and addictive!  Of course, I tend to go a little over the top with pumpkins in my garden, but that’s what makes it ‘festive’.

Note:  All photo’s, fall garden decor, containers and wreaths were designed and made by …ME…”The Graceful Gardener”.


Hope my ‘Festival of Pumpkins’ inspires you to add some to your garden…..



 Spilling down my Staircase….

Every year, I always choose a colorful medley of pumpkins, gourds and mums to spill down my front entrance staircase. Many of my pumpkins were purchased from my local farmers markets or pumpkin farms in my area.












My Potting Table and Bench……





My Moongate…..





Pumpkins in containers and spilling into my Garden….









My Fall Wreaths and Entrance….HaPpY FaLL!




Thanks for visiting…

Full Moon Maple






12 thoughts on “A ‘Festival of Pumpkins’ …..in my garden

  1. Lovely all! What is the name of that lovely Jap maple? A. ‘Full Moon’??

  2. Over the top beautiful. Festive indeed!

  3. Every single detail is gorgeous and magazine worthy! Lovely!

  4. I could hang out with you all day long! I just adore your porch and your garden gate and your pumpkins…every single detail is divine xo
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Luda

    your garden is wonderful! you have excellent taste!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I’d love to have all those pumpkins!!!~~Angela

  7. Kim

    Wow, stunning. Glad I found this on facebook.

  8. cindy

    Gorgeous! How do you stop the animals from eating your pumpkins?

    • Cindy,
      Thank you! Out of all those pumpkins I only had one that ‘I think’ an animal bite into. I have deer, foxes, racoons, rabbits and who knows what else. However, I do have animal repellants (motion activated) set up around my property primarily for the deer.

  9. Gita

    Beautiful garden. Breathtaking! You put all those garden designers to shame!!!

    I live in northern CA, zone 9 and am slowly learning to garden in my home on a medium sized lot. I think you are in zone 7. Could you tell me how big your garden is? Do you think you can post some youtube videos? It will greatly help us learn.

    • Gita,

      You are too kind. I’ve been gardening over 25 years and am still learning new things everyday. My garden is around one acre…not very large but still takes quite alot of work to maintain. Don’t see any youtube videos in the future…but I’ve learned to never say never! Thanks for visiting.

  10. KELLEY Hays

    you are a true artist. Your love of your garden and decorating shows abundantly.

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