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Growing my Roses—Up, Up and Away ….

May 27, 2013
2013 04 19_8676 copy

Climbing rose ‘Don Juan’



For many years in my garden, I have been dealing with the challenge of growing roses with the forces of nature in its ‘animal‘ form. The deer, rabbits, voles, moles and those rascal squirrels, have caused a lot of frustration to this gardener. It was very disheartening to have lovely blooms or fresh new growth on my rose bush one day only to have it completely devoured by the next day.  Sometimes, I could hardly believe my eyes– one day my rose garden was full of colorful blooms and the next it becomes just a bunch of lifeless sticks!

Thankfully, due to those first hand formative years, I’ve learned how to control some of these ‘hungry rascals’.  One way is by faithfully applying deer repellant (Plantskydd is a good organic one) to all my roses. This can become costly and very time consuming but it does seem to work.

Another way, which I did often in my previous gardens, was to venture into the world of vertical gardening. Roses are especially at their most dramatic when they are growing up and spilling over a vertical support. It evokes a feeling of romance and antiquity to my garden and keeps them out of harms way from my ‘rose eating predators’.

So, I’ve slowing started investing in vertical structures to add to my garden. Mostly arbors, trellises, and obelisks. Many of my trellises and obelisks were purchased online and a few of the wrought iron arbors I had custom made as to add to the architectural flair of my home and garden.  Presently, I’ve got four arbor structures, four obelisks and several trellises, as well as, eye hooks and fishing line for my three ‘Don Juan’ climbing roses. I’m sure I’ll add more over the years, but for now my climbing roses are safe…that is until the Japanese beetles arrive!

Here’s a few photos of my roses climbing these vertical structures in all their splendor and glory this beautiful month of May….


2013 05 15_9253 copy


 Beautiful climbing rose Eden graces my wrought iron arch once you enter into my backyard. Eden climbs on one side while a newly planted Lady Ashe is being trained up the other.


Climbing rose 'Eden'

Climbing rose ‘Eden’


Climbing rose 'Lady Ashe'

Climbing rose ‘Lady Ashe’


2013 05 19_9313_Eden


2013 05 15_9226 copy



Hybrid Musk rose 'Buff Beauty' gracing one of my three obelisks.

Hybrid Musk rose ‘Buff Beauty’ gracing one of my four obelisks.



Climbing here on another wrought iron arch is Kordes climbing rose ‘Laguna’.  These photos do her no justice. She is a beauty!

Kordes climbing rose 'Laguna'

Kordes climbing rose ‘Laguna’


 I’ve planted purple clematis ‘Gyspy Queen’ to accompany her…


Kordes climbing rose ‘Laguna’ and clematis ‘Gypsy Queen’


This arch was attached on the stone pillars of my upper deck area.

 This arch was attached to the stone pillars of my upper deck area. ‘Laguna’ is being grown on both sides in large containers.



2013 04 19_8680 copy

 ‘Don Juan’ climbing up my front entrance archway. Eye hooks and fishing line were used to attach the canes.

Climbing rose 'Don Juan'

Climbing rose ‘Don Juan’


Making a spectacular display each spring is my lovely climbing rose ‘New Dawn’.  Her romantic presence will always be welcome in my garden….

'New Dawn'

‘New Dawn’

Free standing trellises were installed by my husband and I for her to climb upon. Later, eye hooks and fishing line are put in place to keep her in bounds….


2013 05 26_9568 copy


Double arch planted with climbing roses Rev d'Or and Kordes 'Golden Gate and 'Moonlight'.

Double arch planted with climbing roses: ‘Rev d’Or’ and Kordes ‘Golden Gate and ‘Moonlight’.

You would never guess that I purchased this double arch only two years ago. The climbing roses were only 3 feet tall when I planted them but with the faithful application of HavenBrand Manure and Alfalfa tea these climbing roses grew by leaps and bounds!


Rev d'Or

Rev d’Or


Climbing rose 'Moonlight' (Kordes)

Climbing rose ‘Moonlight’ (Kordes)


Climbing rose 'Golden Gate' (Kordes)

Climbing rose ‘Golden Gate’ (Kordes)


Double arch, New Dawn and 'Laguna in background.

Double arch, ‘ New Dawn’ and ‘Laguna in background.


2013 05 15_9249 copy

Red climber growing up a trellis and spilling over my stone wall.



Climbing 'Iceburg' growing against a trellis.

Climbing ‘Iceburg’ growing against a trellis.


Thanks to vertical gardening I can enjoy my roses for years to come.

Sorry my furry friends, but I’ve outsmarted you this time….




May 28, 2013 at 7:53 am

Your home and gardens are breathtakingly gorgeous and your roses are exquisite. You are in my same zone (I am in Upstate SC) but I don’t have enough sunny spots to collect roses. I have some Knockout’s here and there and two David Austin’s, St. Swithun and Abraham Darby which are mere babies but have both begun to bloom and it thrills my soul. You gardens are inspiring.

May 29, 2013 at 8:04 am

Wow! Every time I think I’ve found my favorite I scroll down and find another one to take its place. I can’t decide which one of your many gorgeous roses is the most beautiful.

Deane Wallace-James
May 30, 2013 at 10:51 pm

The roses, the iron work; so pretty. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden.

May 31, 2013 at 8:15 pm

Absolutely floored by the beauty of your rose garden. My favorite photo is that of Buff Beauty. Wow! Thank you for sharing these.

June 2, 2013 at 11:10 am

Your Roses look amazing, enhanced with the beautiful wrought iron. New Dawn just blew me away.

June 3, 2013 at 11:11 pm

I only just bought my first rose. it is the Peggy Martin climbing rose. my husband said there was only one place for a rose plant and that was an acre away on the edge of our property. the tag on it said 3 years to produce buds. I planted it in front of my deck and said it will be 3 yrs before he knows. well I was 6 mths in and it had grown from 1 foot high to 22 feet in width 6 ft depth and good lord 10 feet high and covered with thousands of roses. I told him I had to come clean with him and that I put the rose plant in the flower bed. lol I am now hooked and so is he. I am lookin into the Eden Romantica and landed here. your garden is a dream and what a perfect home to show it off. I enjoyed looking thank you. Bobbye from Deep South Louisiana.

Nancy K.
May 9, 2014 at 11:30 am

I am in coastal NC and my roses are having a stellar year so far in 2014. I just purchased Kordes’ Golden Gate, and would LOVE to learn your obelisk, arch and trellis source(s). I have 3 so far, but they are under 8 feet and I need higher! I have motion detectors installed in my gardens. When the deer arrive, it sets off an alarm in the house and I run out with the dogs to shoo them away. When we are gone, we spray repellant, but so far this year they’ve stayed away, thank goodness!

June 8, 2016 at 6:50 pm

What a beautiful home and garden you have created! Just lovely!

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