Wordless Wednesday…. early evening blooms in my garden….

2013 04 24_8683 copy
‘Love Song’ Floribunda rose


2013 04 24_8688 copy
‘Love Song’ Floribunda rose


2013 04 24_8696 copy
‘Bee’s Knees’ Miniature rose


2013 04 24_8705 copy
‘Mystic Beauty’ Bourbon rose


2013 04 24_8720
One of my ‘Don Juan’ climbers

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…. early evening blooms in my garden….

  1. I have recently found your blog and am so impressed by your landscaping. Your property is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring for me. Just beautiful! I do have a practical question to ask- how are you attaching your climbing rose to your brick wall? Thank you, Deane

    1. Deane,
      Thank you. All my ‘Don Juan’ climbing roses (I have 3) have been attached to my homes brick exterior by using eye screws and fishing line.The eye screws were sprayed brown so they would be less noticeable than the ‘normal’ shiny metal finish. It’s taken 3 years for this rose to grow canes long enough for this purpose. Patience prevails…

      1. Brenda,
        Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ll use your information. I have planted two Climbing Pinkies on one corner of our house and a Climbing Souvenir de la Malmaison in another area. I hope they grow to be pretty enough to send you a future photo! Deane

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