For the second year in a row, one of my containers has been a finalist in Fine Gardening’s – ‘Fantastic Foliage’  2012 Container Design Challenge.

Please check out my container and many other beautiful containers created by other finalists, as well as, the winner in Fine Gardening’s May/June 2013 issue .


My container selected as finalist for Fine Gardening's 2012 Container Design Challenge 'Fantastic Foliage' .

My container selected as finalist for Fine Gardening’s 2012 Container Design Challenge ‘Fantastic Foliage’ .


Here’s more of my containers :






4 thoughts on “My ‘Fantastic Foliage’ Container–a Finalist winner for Fine Gardening’s 2012 Container Design Challenge….

  1. Holleygarden

    I’ve been looking over your blog – your garden is just beautiful! I, too, absolutely adore roses and camellias, and yours are just glorious. Your container is definitely ‘fantastic’! Love the blue foliage!


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  2. Pam's English Garden

    Brenda, Congratulations! Well deserved – your arrangement is stunning! Fine Gardening is one of my favorite magazines, and it is prestigious in the gardening publications world. I feel honored to ‘know’ a gardener who is a finalist. Well done. P. x


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