My garden is my favorite teacher.
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Category Archives: Shades of White roses

Sombreuil … my garden

April 27, 2016

The lovely Sombreuil, an exquisite creamy white climber that I would never do without in my garden.

She has beautiful old fashioned blooms with a wonderful fragrance. Good repeat flowering too.

Give Sombreuil some room since mine is about 12 feet wide.



Wordless Wednesday Roses…in my garden

May 21, 2014
Climbing 'Eden'

Climbing rose ‘Eden’


Climbing 'Eden'

Climbing ‘Eden’




Hybrid Musk rose 'Belinda'

Hybrid Musk rose ‘Belinda’




David Austin rose ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’


Climbing 'Golden Gate'

Climbing ‘Golden Gate’



Climbing 'New Dawn'

Climbing ‘New Dawn’



Double Knockout roses

Double Knockout roses



'Julia Child'

‘Julia Child’



Hybrid Musk 'Lavender Lassie'

Hybrid Musk ‘Lavender Lassie’



Rose de Reucht



Climbing 'Lady Ashe'

Climbing ‘Lady Ashe’



Climbing 'Laguna'

Climbing ‘Laguna’



Climbing 'Iceburg'

Climbing ‘Iceburg’



Conifers and ‘Amber’ Flower Carpet shrub rose




‘Buff Beauty’