Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day….May Roses in my garden….

Time  for my roses to take center stage in my garden.

I grow all my roses organically using no chemicals or pesticides.

Here’s a peek of some of my no-spray roses that are blooming in my garden today….



'Distant Drums' shrub rose
‘Distant Drums’ shrub rose



Amber Flower Carpet rose
Amber Flower Carpet rose


Amber Flower carpet rose
Amber Flower carpet rose


'Julia Child' Floribunda rose
‘Julia Child’ Floribunda rose


'Princess Alexandra of Kent' David Austin rose
‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’
David Austin rose


'Poseidon' Kordes Rose
‘Poseidon’ Kordes Rose




Double Knockout roses
Double Knockout roses


'Mystic Beauty' Bourbon rose
‘Mystic Beauty’ Bourbon rose


Drift roses and climbing rose 'Lady Ashe'
Drift roses and climbing rose ‘Lady Ashe’



Climbing rose'Zephirine Drouhin'
Climbing rose’Zephirine Drouhin’


Drift roses
Drift roses


'Evelyn' David Austin rose
‘Evelyn’ David Austin rose




This monthly Bloom Day is hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Many thanks!

Creating Spring Color and Texture With Conifers and Japanese Maples….in my garden…

conifersand JapMaples_5


I’m all about color.  In my garden that is. Anyone who has visited my garden knows that between all the roses, hydrangeas, peonies, bulbs, perennials, and annuals that color always makes a statement every spring and summer in my garden. However, for the last several years my spring garden has been displaying a different type of explosion of color and texture — one that involves an obsession of mine–  collecting conifers and Japanese Maples. I have been avidly collecting both for over 6 years now and there seems to be no stopping me. That is until I run out of space which I am precariously approaching ( I garden on about one acre) and when that happens I’m convinced I’ll start redesigning my landscape to justify my need (obsession) for the latest cool new conifer or alluring Japanese maple.

One thing is for sure, this obsession of mine gives me a spectacular display of color and texture and that is something I cherish each spring….



conifersand JapMaples_1
Far left: Acer palm. ‘Koto no ito’


conifersand JapMaples_6


conifersand JapMaples_2
Large Dissectum JapMaple, ‘All Gold’ juniper, weeping Alaskan cedar.




Acer palm.’Ornatum’, ‘Saligna Aurea’ Monterey cypress



‘Saligna Aurea’ monterey cypress, ‘ Acer palm. ‘Beni otake’, Acer Murasaki Kiyohime











Acer palm. ‘Watnog’, weeping Alaskan cedars, ‘Daubs Frosted’ juniper, ‘Crimson Queen’ large Dissectum, Cupressus glabra ‘Raywoods Weeping’, Picea orientalis ‘Firefly’.



conifersand JapMaples


conifersand JapMaples_15
Picea orientalis ‘Firefly’



conifersand JapMaples_8
Acer palm. ‘Hana Matoi, Acer palm. ‘Baldsmith’.










For short video of the conifers and JapMaples in my garden click here: